JOLTS: the new Open Journal

The Editorial Board of the “International Free and Open Source Software Law
Review” (“IFOSSLR”) is delighted to announce its decision to re-brand the
journal, giving it a broader scope after 10 years of success as a law review.
IFOSSLR will go forward under the new name to reflect its expanded scope.  The
new “Journal of Open Law, Technology & Society”, (“JOLTS”) will be a
collaborative, inter-disciplinary and peer reviewed publication, aiming to
explore the intersection of law, technology and policy through a lens of
“openness”.  The goal of JOLTS is to increase knowledge and understanding of
openness among scholars, researchers, lawyers, technologists, sociologists and
policymakers. The journal’s expanded scope is inclusive and comprises of topics
such as Free and Open Source Software, Open Standards, Open Science, Open
Culture, Open Innovation, Open Content, Open Data, Open Access, Open Governance
and Open Competition.  Continuity will be provided by the current and expanded
Editorial Board, with the appointment of new Editors to cover the additional
topics.  The new journal will be available online at and continue
to be published on a rolling release schedule, releasing articles as they become
available and combining these into a final edition once per year. JOLTS will
continue the policy of IFOSSLR to be an open access journal.  With this, the
Editorial Board announces a general call for papers to all interested scholars,
researchers, lawyers, practitioners and policymakers.

The first publication in the new journal is by Mirko Boehm on the governance of
open source communities and their maturing process and is available at  Mirko will be discussing
commercial and operational models in open source at OSS on Tuesday 29 October at
11.30 with one of the Journal’s founding Editors, Amanda Brock.  Amanda Brock
and Editors Shane Coughlan, Andrew Katz and McCoy Smith will be taking questions
about the journal in a[ lightning] talk.

The Editorial Committee:

1. Michael C Jaeger, Germany
2. Eli Greenbaum, Israel
3. Amanda Brock, United Kingdom
4. McCoy Smith,  United States
5. Andrew Katz, United Kingdom
6. Carlo "kappa" Piana, Italy
7. Iain G Mitchell QC, United Kingdom
8. Malcolm Bain, Spain
9. Shane Martin Coughlan, Japan
10. Sivan Patsch, Belgium
11. Astor Nummelin Carlberg, Belgium